Day Time Event
Tuesday 7.30pm Youth Group – Chaos (14-18s)
8.00pm Association of Church Fellowships (fortnightly)
Wednesday 9.45am Women's Bible Study (with crèche)
10.00am Communion Service
Thursday 10.00am Mums and Tots
1.45pm Afternoon Homegroups (fortnightly)
8.00pm Wilmslow Homegroups (fortnightly)
Friday 6.30am Men's Bible Study
1.45pm Afternoon Homegroups (fortnightly)
6.00pm Kids Club (7-11s)
7.30pm Macclesfield Homegroup (fortnightly)
7.30pm Friday Night Live (11-14s)
Saturday 8.30am Church Prayer Gathering (monthly)
Sunday 8.00am Communion Service (monthly – first Sunday of each month)
10.00am Morning Service (with crèche and groups for 3-14s)
6.30pm Evening Gathering